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Hello World! I’m Mix MD with Templo Studios. Welcome to my musical journey of “life off my hard drives” this year! For those of you that know me, I've been recording and playing music (drums, bass & guitar) for about 27 years now and have nothing to show for it in this digital age (Long story…). I was also trusted to record a good number of ouside bands over the years. So I'm finally getting this music out of my head, off of my hard drives, and out on all the platforms this year! Old music, new music, originals, and even covers… All kinds of styles from acoustic to reggae to rock… I'm hoping to connect with more mixed up people like me. I've been super fortunate to work with some great artist and can’t wait to share my music with you… stay tuned!

Outside of my music, I am also working on a cover project. Phase 1 is doing reggae versions of non-reggae songs. Currently looking for singers and artists to collaborate with. It will be fun!

Former bands (that I can remember): 

  • Chronic Illness (Guitar, punk rock)

  • Acanalar (Guitar, Spanish Rock)

  • S.O.B. Aka, Some Other Band (Guitar, Ska/Punk)

  • Blasphemy (Drums, Rock) 

  • Gotti (Drums, Metal)

  • HTTH (Drums, Metal)

  • Side Project (Guitar, Metal)

  • Textbook Mental (Drums, Metal)

  • Blue Cherry (Guitar & Bass, Reggae/HipHop/R&B)

  • La Banda Skalavera (Guitar, Spanish Ska/Punk)

  • Sunken City (Guitar, Reggae/Ska/Punk)

  • Reign (Guitar, Reggae)

Life Off my hard drive & About me